The Traditional Japanese Experience

Welcome to the official website of Itoan, a hostel in Izumo converted from a traditional Japanese inn built in the Shōwa period. Located just a 5 minute walk from Izumoshi Station, our hostel is loved by travellers and locals alike for being a place where they can socialize, have a drink, and make friends from around the world.

Our hostel is located just 5 minutes away from JR Izumoshi Station on foot, making it a prime location for those visiting the Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine. Converted from a ryokan built in 1945, it is the perfect opportunity for guests to experience the traditional style from that time period.
This is a place where locals from Izumo and travellers from around the world can gather!


The Rooms

Each room offers its own unique interior design, with decorative windows, ceilings, and various features of a traditional Japanese room. Although the building was constructed immediately following World War II, the interior has been carefully preserved and is still in pristine condition even to this day. Our hardworking staff regularly conducts cleaning duties to ensure that the hostel remains a pleasant and authentic experience.

Room type Price (Tax included)
Dormitory 3,200 yen/person
Single (private room) 4,500 yen/room
Double (private room) 8,000 yen/room
Triple (private room) 11,100 yen/room
Quadruple (private room) 12,800 yen/room


*Please make a reservation after you fix the date you stay.
*The long stay discount is here!>>Go to the Long stay page



Accommodation rates for November

Room type Price (Tax included)
Dormitory 4,000 yen/person
Single (private room) 6,000 yen/room
Double (private room) 9,800 yen/room
Triple (private room) 13,800 yen/room
Quadruple (private room) 16,000 yen/room

Why do we recommend to stay more than 2 nights?

JR Izumoshi stn. and Ichibata -dentetsu Izumoshi stn. which are the nearest stations of our guesthouse are convenient for Matsue castle Tamatsukuri-onsen and Iwami silver mine as they are located in the middle of them. So many of our guests stay more than 2 nights for them. Check the link below out!

>>How to get to the main spots

Male & Female Dormitories

Each dormitory features a 6-mat tatami room (roughly 9.2 square meters). Rather than using bunk beds like many modern hostels, we provide guests with traditional Japanese sleeping arrangements – spreading a futon over the tatami mats. This allows guests to enjoy the full experience of lodging in a traditionally decorated room from another time period. Please note that these rooms offer little privacy though there is a separator between guests. With these arrangements, you may have the chance to interact with your roommates, and we encourage you to treasure each and every meeting during your travels.Those who prefer more privacy may book a single or twin room.

Single & Twin Private Rooms

We provide a 4.5-mat tatami room (roughly 6.9 square meters) along with traditional Japanese sleeping arrangements. Guests are welcome to book private rooms, but please be aware that single and twin rooms cost the same regardless of the number of occupants.

Triple & Quadruple Private Rooms

We provide a 6-mat tatami room (roughly 9.2 square meters) along with traditional Japanese sleeping arrangements. Please note that the room may feel relatively small for groups of four.


The Lounge (-RO-)

Shared Space

Our cozy lounge is just a quick walk from the lodging. Featuring a cafe and bar, it is a gathering spot for local residents and guests alike. We frequently hold events here such as potluck parties, language exchanges, and musical performances. Whether you want to make friends, practice speaking Japanese, enjoy some music, or just relax, our lounge has something for any kind of traveller.



Shared Kitchen

Guests are free to cook, eat, and drink in the kitchen area. We provide a refrigerator, electric kettle, and toaster, along with cooking spices and all essential kitchen equipment.


Available on both floors, our washrooms are equipped with clean and elegant porcelain sinks.

Shower Room

Carefully preserved since the building’s construction, our shower room features a stylish and incredibly rare type of flooring made from granite and kimachi stones known to be exclusive to the Izumo region. Although there is a bathtub, we ask that guests use only the shower. For those who are interested, a traditional outdoor bath (rotenburo) is available right next to Izumoshi Station.
▶Click here for more information about Ranpu no yu.


Our restrooms feature walls made from diatomaceous earth, a highly absorbent and anti-bacterial material. Restrooms are located on both the first and second floors for your convenience, and are thoroughly cleaned every day.


Additional Services

Free amenities

Wi-Fi Electrical outlets Toaster Refrigerator
Shower Shampoo & body soap Hair dryer RO メニューCoffee & tea

Tooth brush(100) Ear plugs(100) Towel(200) Car parking(500)
Motor bike parking (200)      

Please Note the Following

Check-in & Check-out

Check-in 17:00 – 22:00
Check-out – 10:00
Curfew after check-in None
  • Guests who are unable to arrive before 22:00 will be charged a late check-in fee of 500 yen for every 30 minutes. Please understand as our hostel is a small facility with limited staff.
  • No special procedures are required during check-out. Guests may check-out at any time in the morning.

Please Note

  • We do not accept credit cards. Please be ready to pay with cash.
  • The hostel is closed every day for cleaning from 10:00 to 17:00. Even if you are staying for multiple nights, we ask that all guests exit the building during this time. We apologize for the inconvenience.
  • Those fail to follow the hostel’s rules, or otherwise cause disturbances to other guests, may be refused service or asked to leave.

Cancellation Policy

As our lodging has limited space, we ask that guests be absolutely sure of their availability before booking. If a cancellation is necessary, please notify us via phone call.

Date of Cancellation Cancellation Fee
7 days before arrival(between 22:00 8 days before the reservation date ~ 22:00 of 2 days before the reservation date) 30% of lodging fee
Day before arrival,Day of arrival, no-show 100% of lodging fee
*This fee will be charged per-person for single guests. (For private rooms, this fee will be calculated from the total room costs)


Groups & Longer Stays

  • Guests who stay for over a week may be eligible for a discount. Please consult with our staff for details.
  • Guests who plan to stay for five or more nights, and guests staying in groups of five or more people, will be asked to pay in advance via bank transfer. Please understand that if the payment is not made by a certain date, your reservation may be cancelled.
  • There are currently no discounts for large groups.

Policies Regarding Children

  • Young children may stay in private rooms if accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Children who do not need to use their own futon will only be charged 1000 yen/night. Children who use their own futon will be charged the usual amount per night.
  • Children with tendencies to cry at night may risk disturbing other guests. We unfortunately must ask that parents and guardians refrain from bringing these children to the lodging area.


It’s only 5 minutes from Izumoshi sta. to our place. 


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