自ら言語を学びたいと思っている人が繋がり 、相互が学ぶ場


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イベント名称 English and Japanese Exchange
内容 ①【Language Exchange 言語交流】
②【 Dinner 夕食 & Free Talk】
日程 2016年06月10日(金)
時間 19:00-20:45 Language Exchange
20:45-22:00 Dinner
場所 ツドリバ -RO-
参加費 1,000円(夕食込) アルコールは別途販売します。
ご予約方法 できるだけ、事前にfacebookかお電話での参加表明をお願いします!
お問い合わせ先 070-2351-7574

Want to meet new friends and practice your language skills?

Join us for language exchange session where you can practice your Japanese or English in a casual environment!
No teachers or set topics – it’s your time to talk about whatever you want!
Please make the most of this opportunity to fulfill your own goals.

※If you can’t make it by 5 PM, that’s fine! You can still join after the event starts.

Event name English and Japanese Exchange
What we’ll do ①【Language Exchange】 Enjoy some friendly conversations in both languages.
We will practice 20 minutes of English conversation, followed by 20 minutes of Japanese conversation (We will do 2 sets, allowing for 80 minutes of practice).
※Please avoid using languages other than the ones designated.
※As this event is not a formal language class, please actively participate in conversation.

②【Dinner & Free Talk】
Enjoy dinner and hang out with your new friends!

Date Friday, Jun, 10, 2016
Friday, Jly, 08, 2016
Friday, Aug, 12, 2016
Friday, Sep, 09, 2016
Friday, Oct, 14, 2016
Friday, Nov, 11, 2016
Friday, Dec, 09, 2016
time ①7 PM to 8:45 【Language Exchange】
②8:45 to 10 PM 【Dinner & Free Talk】
Venue ツドリバ -RO-
We don’t have enough parking. Please use the ‘有料駐車場’ parking in the map below.
Fee ¥1,000
How to join Please tell us by pushing the button ’join’ on the facebook or calling us.
Contact us 070-2351-7574